Thursday, December 6, 2012

A child at heart!

When a friend of mine came over the other day to look at my Christmas decorations,I explained all the things that I had up. Like the Old TV Night light with Rudolph on the screen. I told her that when I was a child, that movie was the first one we would see on TV after Thanksgiving, it was my favorite Christmas movie ( now I have many favorites). Then we walked around and talked about all the other things that meant so much to me. She then said " Lynn you are just a child at heart aren't you? " I guess I am. I just feel because I missed so much of my childhood, I promised if I ever grew up and had a family...that I would make sure my kids and my grandkids would have the best childhood ever! That has always been my goal! I am so thankful I was able to achieve that!
It was important for me as a new Nana to have a nativity that the kids could not only touch but really play with. This Fischer Price Nativity is something I got on my first Christmas as a Nana. When you push the angle on top of the manger ... a light shines down on baby Jesus and it plays Away In A Manger. Love it, and so do the kids!
My bear collection has now advanced to bears for all the different holidays. These cute Elf bears proudly sit in the living room and help bring the some Christmas Cheer. I also have 6 Christmas mice that are hidden all over the room and the kids try to find  their new hiding places each time they come over!

Each year when I was doing my business, I painted a new Santa Claus, so here is my Santa collection. Look really hard, because I believe I see another Christmas mouse near the Santas!

Everyone has a handmade quilted stocking by Nana. You can see the spot that is open for Kai's when I get it finished ( which needs to be soon  ), and we need to put them even tighter together, when Miss Audrey gets here ! If you look real close under the stockings on the right hand side near the Santas, you will see 9 stuffeReindeers. We have all of them named ( of course they are the same names as Santa's reindeers! ) Even Rudolph is there. Oh my goodness, I think I found another Christmas mouse too!

Yes, I love Christmas and everything about it!

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Jean(ie) said...

LOVE, LOVE the stockings and I love idea about the fisher price nativity. I need to look for that for my grandbaby.