Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas memories!

I have promised myself for the past year, to let our family take more photos. In the past, I have always avoided them and realize that those are our memories and good or not...we need to document them. So here we go, this is what the Woodards look like first thing on Christmas morning. Half asleep, no make up, bed head hair and some funny outfits but... hey it's Christmas morning. Here are some of our highlights
 I recieved from Jeff a movie called Dolphin Tale... it is a story of a dolphin who gets a prosthetic, it made us all laugh. I actually heard it was a great movie... I am sure I will be able to relate!
 Lauren had her two roommates come for Christmas. Neither could make it home for Christmas, and so we had a couple more stockings that appeared ( plus presents ) on Christmas morning! Look at those cute stockings! ( I didn't make the 2 on the left but a dear friend did )
Jenny had more fun opening Lee's gifts than her's. She opened Lee's ping pong paddle from his brother Brad. It is an inside joke ( those guys are always competing ... in a good way!)

Here is Jenny kissing yet another dinosaur that she got from Lee. How many dinosaurs can a kid want?

Here's Poppa and Angie. Poppa is sure proud of his Christmas tie Angie and Jenny got him, it even plays music ( that will go over well in church )! :)
All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas. We missed Brad, Krystal and Kai, but we were grateful that they arrived safely to Michigan and got to spend Christmas with some of her family. The rest of the day was watching movies, reading books, phone calls to family and friends and just vegging! 2012 will be a Christmas to remember in many ways...some I can mention and some I can not. Still we are grateful to have enjoyed such another wonderful Christmas season. Grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ, for His Life and His Example. That knowledge is what brings us happiness every day!
Good night dear friends!

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