Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Miracle!

When I was a little girl, I remember getting on my best Christmas outfit on and standing in line with my Mom to see Santa at the Sears and Roebucks store. I think we stood there for a long time, because I remember my Mom saying her back was hurting. It felt like forever for me too, because I wanted to get the Christmas ring that changed pictures when you turned it certain ways. I remember seeing it at the store earlier, and then when they said that Santa was going to give them out... I knew I had to go see him.
Of course as kids sometimes do, as soon as it was my turn I turned shy and did not want to go sit on his lap. I remember my Mom being so frustrated with me. I finally started crying, I am not sure if the tears was because I didn't want to sit on that strangers lap ( I knew he was one of Santa's helpers... he didn't really look like Santa). Or the tears could have been because I felt guilty that we stood there so long and then I didn't want to go. Whatever, I remember an awlful ride home without the ring or candy cane. Finally a day or so later...Mom gave it to me. Finally I had the magical Santa Ring!!!
When I saw this phot of Kai's first time visiting Santa... I totally understood!
Angie and Jenny came today and played the whole time with Santa's Reindeers, we even had to make a new collar for Rudolf. Maybe if Kai could have held one of the reindeers, he would have done better! But he is still so stinkin cute, even crying! Love and miss my boy!

Why is it that when this wonderful season comes around, my heart gets to hurting because all of my family isn't near? Just would love a Christmas miracle, where we all could be together for Christmas!

Well, part of my Christmas wish came true yesterday when my brother and sister-in-law called and said that they bought me a ticket to come see them and the rest of the family for 6 days! I leave tomorrow! YEAH! Can hardly wait and then by the time I get home ... Lauren will be coming soon! Thanks Neal and Shirley for making my Christmas wish come true! Now I need to go pack! :)
Good night dear friends!
" The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree; the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. "  ~ Burton Hillis 

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