Friday, July 6, 2012

Quality control!

Today at work, I was helping a lady purchase some fabric for her grandchildren. She was having so much fun picking out what she thought each one would like. She also had a new granddaughter on the way, and was purchasing stuff to make her a quilt too! At one point, we didn't have one of the types of fabrics that she wanted ( because as a quilt shop, cotton is usually what we carry ), I suggested that she maybe try one of the chain fabric stores. You should have seen her face," I am not going to go through that much work only to have cheap material" she said and then finished with "I want the these quilts and things I make for my grandchildren to last forever, for their kids and their kids". I just smiled and that is exactly what I thought.
When I was a new quilter, I thought it wouldn't hurt to use cheaper fabric, after all that would keep the cost down. But after I did and spent all that work on it, I was sad that I didn't use a much better fabric. Quality is important! And after working at the quilt shop, I can definitely see and feel the difference in a better quality of fabric. Only the best for my grand babies too!

I remember when I was battling cancer for the first time, when all the decisions were having to be made and I was so scared. It dawned on me that I had to decide if I wanted quality of life, verses some of the other choices. NONE which were guaranteed, but it was something I really had to study out and pray about. Now I am not saying one is right or wrong, but I do think there is a right or wrong for each of us. Not every treatment is right for everyone. You need to know your body well enough, to understand what it needs, that is important. Many women have said to me " well, this is just what I had to do because my Oncologist didn't give me a choice". I am not trying to start trouble, but please remember EVERYONE HAS A CHOICE! Don't get so scared that you can't think or make a decision. Try to at least get to the place where you can study, get second opinions, more information can make the right choice for you, the one that will give you the right Quality of life that you want. Remember it is your body!
Nothing has a guarantee! But, we are suppose to try and figure out what is best for us. Remember YOU are an individual, statistics are scary things when it comes to talking about your health. I believe that our bodies are a gift from God, and it is our responsibility to take care of the them the best way that we can.
So no matter how busy and crazy life gets... remember Quality is important, in your health care choices, with your family, type of friends you have and the life that you want to live,  plus in fabric! :).
 We need to be grateful for each day we wake up and get to keep living, so make sure you have a good quality life and then you will have chosen wisely!
Good night dear friend, it is early to say that but..I am heading out on a date with my husband!

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