Thursday, July 12, 2012

53 and still counting!

Today was my 53rd birthday! It was a beautiful day in the 80s and just gorgeous all the way around! Couldn't have ordered a better day. The girls got up and helped Amy make me a great healthy breakfast then I headed off to work. I love my job, I love the women I teach and the ones I work with. I feel blessed to have a job like this. Then I headed to Weight Watchers for my weigh in... I hit my 16 weeks mark today, that was great present. Next Amy made dinner for us, and then we went out to Yogurt Land for a small treat and then Jeff and I finished up my birthday with our 2 mile walk. What a wonderful birthday!

So, what really made it so special was all the phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, visits and cards, hugs and kisses! How could one person have so many special people in their lives, I am truly blessed. So here is my quote for each of you dear friends and family!
And here is the quote that I need to remember each day!
Good night dear friends!

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