Tuesday, June 14, 2011

High School

Tonight our youngest son Lee, gradated from High School. What a bittersweet moment it was. We are so proud of him, and yet like each of his brother and sisters...wonder how the years went so fast? When he was little he was know as Little Lee, now look at him, nothing little about him. Of course he isn't as tall as his brother but he is still hoping for a growth spurt soon! He has a great heart, and that comes with a lot of compassion. He is a friend to many, and true to his believes. Yes little Little is growing up and we are struggling to think that (just like his brother and sisters ) he is preparing to go out on his own in the world. I pray that we have taught him all the things he will need to survive and thrive in the world. He has great potential, and I know he will do great things. He has a lot of great examples to follow with his siblings (who by the way, he misses very much).

So good luck Lee, we love you a ton! This is a milestone for you, and for Dad and I also ...now we have all our kids graduated from High School...yeah!!!

Graduation Announcement
Found this article written by a High School student. Can't you just remember those days yourself as you read her words? :) Sorta glad those days are behind us, aren't you?
By Courtney Crowder

Someone once told me that high school doesn't mean anything in the bigger picture of our lives. We don't learn much, because as most people know, high school is mainly a social thing. Students worry about the least important things of life. When you allow yourself to become friends with people from all walks of the world, you let yourself learn new things and get different views on life. These days, it only seems like teens are curious about a person's sexuality or who they are dating; not what kind of person he or she is on the inside.
Another thing that students tend to "gossip" about are the cliches of the school. Just because a person is popular, does not mean that person is a prep. Students who are usually titled a prep are just the people who are highly involved in activities and usually get the good grades. Although most of us seem to think that preps make bad choices and are stuck up, these are normally the people of the school who get pressured the most. They seem to have high expectations put upon them to be involved, have great grades, and be friendly.
So just take a minute to realize this about a person the next time someone looks exhausted. Nobody has a perfect life. If we would just get to know the people who we all think are better than everyone else, maybe we wouldn't be so quick to judge them. You may find that you have common interests with them or even some of the same goals. Everyone needs someone who can look past their flaws to find the person that they have hiding inside.
Once you find that person, hold onto them tight, and never let go; because you might make a decision or mistake which may cause other people to turn against you. You will need that person to walk beside you. This should be a person who you can tell your everything to, and expect them to laugh and cry along with you.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."   ~ Dr. Seuss

"Graduation is not the end, rather the beginning."  ~ Orrin Hatch

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