Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"It's going to be ok now Mommy!"

   Two days ago, Lee and I were on our way home and not too far from Amy's house, and I said to him, "Do you think we should stop and see the girls?" He still wasn't feeling good from the concussion and had homework,so we went straight home. I still felt like we should have gone, sorta but I wasn't sure why. We drove in the driveway and I had no sooner turned off the car, when my phone rang. It was Amy and she was crying, she said that she had accidentally shut her finger in the car door after putting one of the girls in their car seats. She wasn't sure how bad it was and just needed help. ( side not, don't ignore those prompting to go, like I did ) 
   I yelled for Lee who was walking into house at the time, told him to get the Arnica and Arnica gel, and hurry and get back in the car. ( Ok, if some of you are wondering what Arnica is, then go read about it is amazing stuff, trust me I have 4 really works! 

   When we arrived, the girls were still in the car. Jenny ( 16 months ) didn't know what to think and just kept repeating  "MOMMY?" "MOMMY?",( Angie  4 1/2 years old ) hadn't ever seen her Mommy cry like that, and she was scared. When then got the girls out of the car and into the apartment, Angie kept talking a mile a minute, she was really worried about her Mom. Here are a couple of things that she said that made me smile. "Mommy, Nana is here and she has some stuff that is going to help you get better, just like Heavenly Father and band- Aids"    Oh the faith of a child, it is truly refreshing!  Then we just brought everyone over to my house for dinner, I knew Amy couldn't do very much for dinner or with Jenny by herself, plus she just needed to keep the ice on her finger, so we just packed everyone back into the car. As we were walking in our front door Angie said "Ok, we're going to Nana's house, everything is going to be better here! "Everything's better at Nana's house!" I know she was glad there was someone else to help her Mom, but it was a sweet feeling for me too!  I love being their Nana!    I really love those girls of mine!
My Granddaugters and I

"Grandchildren are loving reminders of what we're really here for."  ~ Unknown

"Being blessed with grandchildren, is like having the ability to multiply your best friends" ~ Lynn Woodard

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