Sunday, January 10, 2016

Still learning at my age!

The other night Jeff and I watched a special on BYU TV about Joan of Arc!
What an amazing story, some times I wish I hadn't miss so many of the stories of History in school. But I did, most of my time in school was just trying to survive, it was just too hard for me to concentrate.
As I listen and watch Historical specials on TV, I realize that there were a lot of amazing people that I missed in my childhood.
So glad that at least I am learning so much now!!!!
Guess you are never too old to learn!
Would love to have the chance in the next life to meet this Joan of Arc, what a brave, obedient and amazing young women.

You can watch it HERE:

"There are some things worse than death. There are some things worse than dying young. These are, to live without courage and conviction."
Joan of Arc’s incredible story starts with her humble beginnings as a farm girl. Within a few short years, she would become an inspiring military leader. In a time when France was in disarray and women did not fight, Joan followed the voices of angels and dedicated herself to her mission. Joan's strong commitment to her faith seamlessly translated into loyalty for her cause - something her country needed, but others feared.

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