Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Since Sunday I have come down with a cold. I was so disappointed, why? Well, because I have been trying soooo hard these past 8-9 months to learn more and more about my body. To take better care of it and to learn more about more natuaral things that I can do eat and take to make my body stay healthy.
 I think my last DR appt was about 6-8 months ago...that's a big deal for me. Now I know it was silly to think I would never be sick but... I was on a roll! Still I did push my body ( over the holidays ) more than I should have. But still so far, I haven't been as sick as usual, would love to keep it that way!
I just realized the last time that I went to my doctor, that she seemed puzzle on how to help me. We had been doing a lot of things but it didn't seem to be working lately. I also realized that I was relying on her too heavily, to know what was wrong with my body.
Now... ever since our kids were very young, we started doing Homeopathy and learning how to heal ourselves through food, fresh air, positive thinking and other supplements. I worked hard to know and do what was best for my kids, plus I was hopefully teaching them how important it is to learn how to take care and listen to their bodies. I was juicing for them each day, making their natural fruit roll ups, granola, bread and etc. Plus, trying to stay on top of what each one of them needed individually to help make their bodies strong. I think back on all those years as a good time where I was so involved with helping my kids be healthy and sometimes can't believe I did everything I did, plus still run my painting business, cut their hair and sew their clothes. ( I know that doesn't sound like I was taking care of myself much ...well, let's just say I didn't understand the importance of taking care of MOM too..I was too busy)! I caught up with me later... big time!

But when you ask my kids about their "Natural" childhood, you will hear the funniest stories. They tell you of how they felt left out from TRICK OR TREATING, even though I did sew their cute costumes, they didn't think going to PCC to pick out some healthy treats was as fun.:) They still tell crazy stories about what all I fed them, oh well...I was really trying my best. Why is it always the Mother's fault? :)

But a few months ago ... I had the distinct impression to call a lady that I knew ( but not well ) who was brilliant in knowing how to take care of the body and she seemed to doing all the things now in her life...with her family.. what I was doing, some 15 - 20 years ago.
 Wow, what an answer to prayers she has been to me! She has taught me so many things, I have been doing and learning so much and...I have been healthy for quite a few months now ( even with my crazy schedule )!
 I have felt so blessed. I am still learning more, I am trying hard to listen to what my body needs and I am trying to be more accepting of the Stages of Life that I am going through! But it made me realize that through others that  this quote is so true!

" I testify of angels, both of heavenly and the mortal kind. In doing so I am testifying that God never leaves us alone, never leaves us unaided in the challenges that we face....Always there are those angels who come and go all around us, seen and unseen, known and unknown, mortal and immortal." ~ Jeffrey R. Holland

So I am not going to complain about this little cold I have, I am just going to pay more attention to how I am treating my body, keep learning about more about things I can do and take... to keep me healthy ( because "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER "). I am working on being more positive and trying to find the courage to get this business off and running. I'm also going tomorrow to a new DR about my back. It's January right? Need to start doing more!
Good Night my ANGEL friends!

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