Thursday, January 7, 2016

Spread Coziness in the Cold Months!

I read this article in my PCC flyer I got in the mail yesterday!
Spreading Coziness during the Cold Winter Months, what a great idea! Even though Mr. Rogers has passed away, his legacy of helping others...still lives on!

Fred Rogers — the gentle guy behind Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood — began a sweater drive in 1997, before he passed away in 2003. Today, we're proud to help share in his legacy of comfort and neighbors helping neighbors. You'll find sweater donation bins at all PCC stores, so clean out your closet of gently used sweaters and bring them on down! We'll pass them along to local organizations like Wellspring Family Services.

Watch whose lives it has already touched HERE:
 I am going to go through my closets and see if I have some gently warm clothing items to go donate. After you watch the video, you will want to start cleaning out too!
Winter is coming , no actually its still here kinda lol spring is coming hehe just now making my Winter board hehe :):

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