Monday, January 26, 2015

What a sweetheart!

We were lucky enough to have Miss Angie come over for a 2 Day Sleep Over, she is such a sweetheart. I have had other Grandmothers tell me how sad it is when they get too old to do Sleep Overs. I try not to dwell that far ahead, and just make the most of the time she loves to come over now. Seriously, this girl would stay a week if she could. Jenny is still a bit young, and when it comes to the 2nd day of her Sleep Over, she is starting to ask when Daddy or Mommy is picking her up. Still she does pretty good herself.

I was a bit worried about having Angie over since I was still sick, but knew that she gets exposed every day at school to germs ...way worse than mine ( if that is possible ). We had a lot of fun making Protein Shakes, watching movies, and racing cars with the Poppa. They all love their Poppa. I am thankful every time I see Jeff with the kids, that he is such a GREAT, SAFE, HEALTY and GOOD Grandfather! That is a huge deal and I am so blessed that he loves them as much as he does his own kids.
Of course when I grew up my Dad's Father had already passed away, so I never knew him. Only heard the stories. There we lot's of stories :) Wonder what stories my children will tell about me some day? I can only imagine :)

The only Grandfather I had was my Mom's Dad, and he was the one who abused me. So seeing what a difference a healthy and good Grandfather can make, is nothing short of a Miracle to me!  I really am blessed to have Jeff, and so are they! 

 Sunday we went to church and then came home and she wanted to crochet with me. She still isn't comfortable with  crochet hook yet, but loves crocheting with her fingers. So she made lots of cute Friendship Bracelets. She is so cute, she just kept wanting to make more and more for her friends and then she thought she could give them to kids at school that looked like they needed a friend. Jeff saw all the multiples she was making and laughed. Then he said " Can't tell she is your Granddaughter can you? "

When she was finished we packead them all up. Man I sure could have used this little worker, when I had my business years ago! :) Just kidding, Brad and Amy called it my Sweat Shop! :)
It seems like every time the grandkids leave...I wish we had more time. Angie and I were going to sew and create a couple of other things but we simply just ran out of town. 
But I am just very grateful that we have the time to talk, reinforce the values, morals and standards that her parents are teaching her. The old saying  "It takes a Village to raise a child is so true" , I am still forever grateful for the many Village People who helped me teach and train my children, especially when they didn't want to hear it from Jeff and I. 
"So matter what you do, your time and effort will never be wasted when you spend it on a child!"

I Couldn't Live Without Him, Not Even For A Day. I Love You Lance Albert II<3 Your The Beat Hubby A Woman Could Ask For!(;
Good Night dear friends!


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