Sunday, January 11, 2015


So grateful that my flu is finally gone. I was able to go out for our Date Night Friday night. A nice dinner at a new restraurant, it was a Christmas gift from our kids! What a treat. Then Saturday I got to spend the day with Amy. It isn't very often we get to spend time together all by ourselves, but John was a trooper and keep the girls all day so we could have some Mother/ Daughter time. We went to a Jewelry show in Tacoma with our friend.  Here is some of the new jewelry that they were showing.

I was pretty wiped out after being gone for the day! Then today the girls, John and Amy came to church with us. After church they spent the rest of the day here. Jeff and I were so glad, it had been about 2 weeks since we had seen the girls. Poor Audrey was starting a terrible cold, but here was a photo that Amy took a couple of days ago. Can't believe how big she is getting. And look at those sweet cheeks.

Everyone else left tonight except Jenny. She is going to do a 2 Day Sleep over with us! Yeah!
It was a nice weekend! Grateful to feel better so we can do things with the kids.
Hope you had a nice weekend too!
Good night dear friends!

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