Monday, January 12, 2015

The Best Day Ever!

It has been a long time since Jenny or Angie have come over, one on one for a Sleep Over at our house. I love having them both but...really one on one is best because I get way more quality time with them. Today Jenny and I had a wonderful time today taking down Christmas and trying to get the house ready for Winter. Jenny said she would rather say we are getting ready for winter by calling it ...decorating for FROZEN, so we put the Frozen soundtrack on ...and had a lot of fun taking down Christmas. Why is make everythingso  much more fun!

After lunch and one more of hour of taking down decorations, then we went in the sewing room and make some rice bags, hand warmers and then just played in the rice for another hour. Once Jeff got home, we decided for Family Night we would go to dinner and then watch a movie. So to Mod Pizza we went. Pizza is Jenny's favorite!

Since we had to use some of the emergency clothes this Sleep Over ( Jenny didn't have any extra clothes with her ) so we had to get something for her to wear to dinner. She wasn't really happy about what she had to wear, but when I saw her pose for a photo, I figure she was ok now! :)
 After dinner, Jenny thought it would be great to have frozen yogurt for dessert, (plus it was next door to Mod Pizza :)
When we went to frozen yogurt in December with Audrey, the first thing she did was rip off one of the snowflakes. It was still there tonight, we laughed at how funny Audrey is! 

Came home and watched TANGLED and crocheted. Yes, this is the best day ever! I am grateful to have them live close to us. We get to see Kai in February...can't wait! Nana and Poppa are way past due with quality time with our boy!

I <3 my kids! My son Shawn, step-daughters Katie, Faith & Eve, grand-daughters Lailah and Merci. I Love ♥ my great-niece Taylor! And my great-nieces Katie and Jacqui, and I <3 my great nephews Christian, Blake, and Bennett!! I also <3 all my former foster sons: Eric P., Andy R., Nick B., Ray P., RJ P., Chris L., Tim S., Nick A., Eric C., Ben, Jerrod, Mike S., Scott L., Steven S., Tony T., Bruce D., Chris D., Dominic D., Joey, Steve, plus about 10 more.

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