Monday, January 19, 2015

Random thoughts!

 Last night when I was at church, I noticed that when I crossed my ankles... that my new patent leather FLATS :( shoes squeaked.  Now anyone who know me very well, knows that I can't stand to for you to squeak a latex balloon , or I can't stand anyone touching or to touch myself... Styrofoam! 
Isn't it funny how something like that can bother you and not someone else? When I was a little girl, all I had was Patent Leather shoes to wear to church ( I know that meant I was blessed to have church shoes, didn't mean to sound ungrateful )  and I used to cry to my Mom about how I couldn't stand the sound they made when they touched each other. Her response was " you should be sitting still in church"
 Finally after much begging, she started puttin Vaseline on the outside of my shoes, so when they did touch it didn't sound or feel so bad. I got these shoes because I needed something to wear to church. I love cuter shoes, but cannot ever do heels again so... that was one of my random thoughts today! 

Another random thought was how neat it is to meet someone, somewhere ...and then end up being dear friends with them. How grateful I am that God puts these amazing people in your paths to meet. I don't believe there are any accidents on how these things happen. Today I was able to go to a new dear friend's house and hang out in her Sewing Studio ( which is beautiful) and she also showed me her Embroidery Machine! How fun!

 We got to have lunch together and then she shared some other cute patterns with me. She is so talented. As I look at so many gifts she has created for her family and friends, I was amazed at 1...what a giving heart she has and talented she is. 
I do believe that we were given talents and gifts to share with others and help make the world more beautiful. And I can say this sweet friend, truly has done just that!
Here is a nice quote she shared with me today, it went along with my speech last night.
"Whatever enlarges HOPE will also exalt COURAGE"  ~ Samuel Johnson
Good Night dear friend!

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