Friday, November 30, 2012

We got the news today!!!!

Today we found out what Amy and John's little baby will be in April. I will tell you tomorrow how I shared the news with all the family by texting them, but that is a blog entry in and of itself. So tonight it is late and I will just share with you some photos to give you a hint of what we need to get ready for...
A white tree with pink lights would also work ... Pink Camellia
pinksPink glassAdorable...

Can you guess what we are having for our 4th Grandchild? Yes, another sweet baby girl!
We didn't care at all if it was going to be a boy or girl! We love any of those sweet little spirits that come to earth and are a part of our dear family! So Miss Audrey is on her way and we can hardly wait!
Poor Kai ( our only grandson) will  have to put up with all  his girl cousins when we get together. Some how, I think he will be able to hold his own!
Need to head to bed, Jenny is here doing her Sleep Over tonight,  so I need to be up and ready for her in the morning! Good night dear friends!
This quote is so true!  Happy girls are pretty girls!

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Matt and Cristina said...

SO excited! How is John taking the news? ;) Kai can come play with Ethan and Ben... Love you!