Monday, November 5, 2012

Counting my blessings!

Here are the notes from what I learned in church today...
I love to hear all the different perspectives that each lady had about the same lesson.

I just thought I would share these notes with you, and I was grateful for the sweet reminder to consider the Blessings more in my life too!
Good night dear friends!

"Consider the Blessings"
"Our Heavenly Father is aware of our needs and will help us as we call upon Him for assistance"

            "I hate election years because of all the contention that goes on.  But this week I've been aware of how much of a blessing it is to know of the freedoms we have to choose and to discuss the issues before us.  Many countries do not have that same ability and we are so fortunate to be living in a country where are freedoms are so cherished."

            "Too often we forget what great wonders and blessings are around us when we are always looking at the little things that annoy us but shouldn't.  There are so many bigger things going on around us that the Lord has His hand in that makes our lives so much easier.  We need to step back sometimes and look at the big picture.  We live in an awesome time, we have so many blessings.  Life can be so hard, horrible things can happen to you, but in the middle of all of it       you see the Lord's hand and he lifts you.  There is always a blessing to be found."

            "In my old church, my pastor used to like to use the term "God sightings" and would ask us to pay attention for them in our lives.  There were four things to look out for (a checklist)
1. Any answer to prayer?
2. Any evidence of God's care?
3. Any help to God's work?
4. Any unusual linkage or timing?
 You find that there is so much evidence of God's care for us and I can see so much help to do His work."

            ”The challenge for me is to be grateful in the midst of things not going the way I would want them to go or in the way you planned them to go.  In hindsight you can see the blessings but while living through that time it's difficult to be feel God's presence and be grateful for what will come your way."

I invite each of you to prayerfully and thoughtfully take some time and consider the blessings that are in your lives.  Take time to recognize those "God moments" in your lives.  I promise you and testify that the Lord is involved.  He is in our lives.  He is aware of the details and He wants to participate in helping us through our trials.

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