Sunday, April 8, 2012

My girls!

Here are my beautiful for girls! What a crazy time it was raising them. They were as different as night and day and yet both a kick to raise. I look at them now and all that they have accomplished already in their young lives, and I am thrilled that the next generation just got better! I love them so much and still love being around them , just like my boys...each one different and yet amazing at the same time.
Now since I raised these two, I figured that I could at least handle having these two for at least a few days. What a difference, they both are different and yet it is funny to see how much they are like their Mom and Aunt Lauren. As we got them ready for bed tonight, Jenny said that she wanted to say the prayers. As we closed our eyes, we heard Jenny's little pretend voice saying the prayer as she used her Stuffed Elephant to supposedly be saying the prayer instead of her. Angie and I tried to stay serious, but by the end of the prayer, we were both rolling on the floor. Yes Jenny is ALOT like her Aunt Lauren, never a dull moment.

Right before Angie went to bed, we read and talked about the real meaning of Easter. I remembered again why it is so important to really know what you believe when you have kids around...because they always ask WHY, and they want an answer to each of them. As we laid there and talked about other things, I realized how blessed I am to be able to spend this time with Angie while she is growing up. After I turned out the lights she said " Nana, thank you for letting me talk to you!" I was on cloud 9! I love these girls! I am very tired... but what a neat experience this was to watch them, while their Mom and Dad were out of town. Hope we get more of these opportunities with all our grand kids.
Good night dear friends!

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