Friday, April 6, 2012

4 Day Sleep-over

Jeff and I are babysitting our two granddaughters for four days. I was concerned that my back wouldn't be strong enough (since just last week it was really out ) but so far so good. I have to remember as I am going 24/7 with both of them, that I can really do this. As Grandparents, you usually only have them for a little while and then they head home, so four days... seems like a big undertaking. Although I am more tired tonight than normal, we had a really fun day.
10:00 said good by to Mom and Dad, unpacked clothes and set up all their stuff ( blankets, clothes, stuffed animals, trinkets and treasures). 11:00 had a snack and just talked about funny things and laughed alot.
11:30 went to the sewing room and made 6 flannel egg shapes and fill them with rice for a bean bag like toss that we are going to do at our Bunny Carnival on Friday ( our idea ).
1:00 cleaned up the sewing room and all the rice in the carpet that never made it into the egg. Then headed up stairs for lunch.
1:00 -1:45 more stimulating conversations, and then got Jenny into bed for a nap. She slept form 2:00 till 5 :15 while Angie and I snuggled and watched a movie, then made a bunny poster and bunny tail ( from a homemade pom pom ) for the pin the tail on the Bunny game tomorrow. 5:30 Poppa came home and helped up make a fishing pole and glue a magnet on the end of the string for the  ( Bunny goes fishing game tomorrow ). Then he wrestled with the girls for a while and then off to Taco Del Mar for dinner ( their favorite) . I just brought some veggies, since almost everything there would have been way too many points for my Weight Watcher's diet.
By 7:45 we were off to Target to just look around and get a few things, most of the time was in the toy section, didn't buy anything... just looked.
8:45 pm we were late getting the girls into the bath, but did it and washed and dried their hair fast so we could do all the night time routine and get to bed. They have beautiful hair, but man it felt like we were doing two Rapunzel's hair when we were trying to wash and dry them both.
Finally, they were down and did very well.  So excited about their Bunny Carnival that we prepared for all day!
Did I mention how tired I was? Yes, it is possible for Nana and Poppa to watch their grand kids for 4 days but no one said it would be easy!  But like the last quote says... it was a good day because no one bit or hit anyone...that is really a good day.
How blessed I feel to be a  Nana and to be well enough to do this with them. I know they may not always live close by us, so I am extra grateful for that time we have with them. The icing on the cake will come next week...
 when I fly out to see my new little Grandson! Can't wait! Good night dear friends, and good night sweet girls!
Need to go to sleep myself...this Bunny has a big day planned ahead of her! :)

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