Thursday, April 19, 2012

End of the Spear

Tonight we watched a movie called the End of the Spear, it was based off a true story and it had a really good message. It was about a boy years after his missionary Father was speared to death by natives, he returns to Ecuadorian jungle to mee the man who killed his Father.
Here is some information I found out about Jim Elliot in Wikipedia...

Wheaton College commemorating Elliot and Ed McCully
Life magazine published a ten-page article on Elliot's and his friends' mission and deaths. After her husband's death, Elisabeth Elliot and other missionaries began working among the Auca Indians, where they continued evangelical work. She later published two books, Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot and Through Gates of Splendor, which describe the life and death of her husband. In 1991, the Jim Elliot Christian School was created in Denver, Colorado. In 1997, the Jim Elliot Christian High School was founded in Lodi, California.[17]
In 2002, a documentary based on the story was released entitled Beyond the Gates of Splendor. In 2003, a musical based on the story of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, entitled Love Above All, was staged at the Victoria Concert Hall in Singapore by Mount Carmel Bible-Presbyterian Church. This musical was staged a second time in 2007 at the NUS University Cultural Centre. In 2006, a theatrical movie was released End of the Spear, based on the story of the pilot, Nate Saint, and the return trip of Saint's son attempting to reach the natives of Ecuador.

There were some really good messages and quotes in there. Of course Brad laughed at me most of the time because I had to keep closing my eyes during most of the killing parts. I have to admit, I am really a wuss when it comes to movies.

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