Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Only a $10.00 depression!

When I was pregnant with Amy, the Dr told me that he thought she was so big, that maybe we got the dates wrong. He said you might be seeing this baby in April and so being a first time Mom to be, I believed him. Well, it is hard to just wait for a baby to come, you try to keep busy and not think of it, but those last weeks are unbelievable to say the least.

amys belly

April came and left, and May came and each week when I went for my check up the Doctor would tell me things like, well she isn't dropping, she isn't showing any signs of getting ready and so on and so forth. I was  devastated. What about this April baby I was suppose to have? After each Doctor appointment I would be so discourage that I would stop by the fabric or craft store to buy some supplies, to make something else for the baby's room which just was a project to keep my mind and hands busy. When I would call Jeff and tell him the bad news about having to wait longer, he would always say "How much did  your depression cost us today?" "Was it a $5.00 depression or a $10.00 depression?" * Just a side note here, I am not making light of real depression, I have been there and it isn't funny at all, this is just the word we used in this situation *

I sorta felt like calling Jeff today and saying well I had a $17.00 depression after going to the Doctor. Actually I really liked my new Doctor and she had great insight and wisdom. She seemed to think the thing that I was worried about... isn't going to be a problem, but took tests and we will have the results back in a few days. Whew, at least I cleared that hurdle today, now I have to clear and handle the root canal re-do tomorrow. This Doctor also told me that I need to get my colonoscopy and have my thyroid checked by a specialist, just to be safe and so I guess I have a few more hurdles to clear in the future. Well, I am just grateful to  have another day to even have hurdles to clear. Life seems to be all about the journey and things that happen to us. Some of our greatest lessons, are also some of the hardest.

"Thank you for your faith and prayers, I need to head to bed and get some sleep. Good night dear friends!"

"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood."
- Helen Keller

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
- Franklin D. Roosevelt

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