Friday, August 19, 2011

How to look and feel old!

A month or so I bought a new dress. It was one of those that is suppose to have the wrinkled look. I didn't actually like it when I tried it on again at home, so I decided to pack it back in the bag and return it. I  laughed as I read the tag that was on it. It said..HOW TO KEEP YOUR GARMENT LOOKING WRINKLED! Isn't that funny,  you don't hear that every day now do ya?

I think what was really funny, was the fact that there was a whole set of instructions to wrinkle your garment. Man, I think we should have that same type of tag on us and it would say...HOW TO GET MORE WRINKLES, LOOK OLDER AND KEEP THAT LOOK FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

It really wouldn't be hard to come up with those instructions, let's see ...HOW TO GET MORE WRINKLES? Never put on sun screen, never wash your face or wear moisturizer.  Then ...How TO LOOK OLDER? Worry about everything, as if it all depends on you. And last... HOW TO KEEP THIS LOOK YOUR WHOLE LIFE? Don't exercise, eat whatever you want, get only a little bit of sleep and be negative and contentious about everything. Remember to be as selfish as you can. Always be doubtful and for absolutely sure...never have HOPE!

Yes, I think if we followed those instructions on our tag... we would really be able to keep that wrinkled, old and worn out look ...all the time! That was easy to think of. Maybe I should have been a designer? :)

Speaking of needing to get some sleep, I had better close now before the wrinkled look starts to set in!

Good night dear friend!

"Accent your positive and delete your negative.'  ~ Donna Karan   

"Bondage is - subjection to external influences and internal negative thoughts and attitudes." ~ W. Clement Stone

"Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one." ~ Hans Selye

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