Sunday, August 14, 2011

Always together!

An article the other day on the news was this...Together 74 years, Kirkland couple die less than a day apart. It was an amazing story. Their kids told about how close their parents were, the only thing they didn't like to do together was watch sports. She was a die hard fan, and she thought he was way to critical. I thought of their kids, what a legacy they left them!  In a world where some people think of marriage, as something disposable. I think that couple gave their kids one of the greatest gifts they could give. The love and happiness of their parents, a sure foundation for them to grow, and a perfect example of how every day in your marriage you have to work at it together. Marriage is hard ...but oh so worth it!
I have to admit, I have always hoped that Jeff and I would go near the same time. I can't imagine my heart ever being the same without him. He is my best friend, and the love of my life. Yes, that was an amazing story and even more amazing that they got to have 74 years together, I could only hope for that much time with Jeff.
Good night dear friends!


“Sometimes we can take offense so easily. On other occasions we are too stubborn to accept a sincere apology. Who will subordinate ego, pride, and hurt—then step forward with ‘I am truly sorry! Let’s be as we once were: friends. Let’s not pass to future generations the grievances, the anger of our time’? Let’s remove any hidden wedges that can do nothing but destroy.”  ~ Thomas S. Monson

"It is far more difficult to be of one heart and mind than to be physically one. This unity of heart and mind is manifest in sincere expressions of 'I appreciate you' and 'I am proud of you.' Such domestic harmony results from forgiving and forgetting, essential elements of a maturing marriage relationship. Someone has said that we 'should keep [our] eyes wide open before marriage, and half shut afterward.' True charity ought to begin in marriage, for it is a relationship that must be rebuilt every day." ~ James E. Faust

“Let us not live a life … that would bring regret. … It is not going to matter very much how much money you made, what kind of a house you lived in, what kind of a car you drove, the size of your bank account—any of those things. What is going to matter is that dear woman who has walked with you side by side as your companion through all of the years of life and those children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and their faithfulness and their looking to you … with respect and love and deference and kindness.” ~ Gordon B. Hinckley


Allison said...

I love this post! My grandma died 10 years after my grandpa. Now that I'm married to my sweetheart, I understand how hard that must have been for her. Thanks for sharing!

Lynn said...

You are welcome Allison, how are you doing? Miss ya!