Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flash from the past!

When I was young, my best friend lived across the street and a few doors down. Although I am getting older and and my memory doesn't serve me as well, I can still remember the excitement I felt... when she and I got to be together each day. I loved her family and enjoyed being in her home. We were best friends until my family moved when I was ten. Like I said, if my memory is accurate, we were together for quite a few years and I didn't have a friend that I loved more than her! Those were often tough times for me, that is when the most severe part of my abuse happened, and so going places and playing with her, was a real break from the stress and tension of my home. I never told her about my abuse, because I was threatened if I told anyone that they would be hurt. As a young child, and even older...most of the time you believe them. Now as an adult, I realize you shouldn't believe the threats, and it is vital for you to tell someone that you love and trust... so you can get help.  Abuse is never ok, it is wrong and know one has the right to hurt you! But hind sight is always better.

Almost 10 years ago when I was back home for my mother's funeral, my dad mentioned to me that he saw in the paper that my dear friend's father had passed away, and that both his and mom's funeral were going to be on the same day. I was sorry to hear that, but wondered if my dear childhood friend would be home like me and I wondered how to get a hold of her. Long story short.... we did get to reconnect after all those years and have been in touch ever since.  What a treat that has been!

So yesterday, she sent me this photo of us in 2nd grade. Most of my childhood photos have been lost or thrown away, so when I got this photo on the email...I was so excited. A flood of memories came back. Of course not the memories that would have told me everyone's names,  but memories of my years with some of these kids and with my best friend. She is on the left of me, I was so excited to see this photo and only wish I could have remember more about each kid.  I am guessing that you can pick me out in the crowd?  Hint ...I am on the top row!

Anyway, I just thought how important friends are in our lives. Not that I haven't always known that, but it just reminded me how great it feels to have a Best Friend by  your side. How blessed I am to have so MANY of you!


"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same."    ~ Anonymous


"Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure."    ~Jewish SayingJo_-_2nd_Grade

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Julie N. said...

You are sooo cute!!! How wonderful that you reconnected and have stayed in touch with your childhood friend :-) That is priceless!!