Friday, October 25, 2013


Sisters, well I got to go spend the day with our 3 little redheaded Sisters. I love the photos that Amy took of them in all the same dresses when they were the same age. I warned her that maybe some day she wouldn't know which photo was which. But here they are at 4 months old...too fun to see how much they look alike and yet different at the same time.
When I started to come home tonight both of the girls really wanted to come home with me so....we are doing a 2 day Sleep Over. Wish me luck!
Good night dear friends!

Here is Miss Angeline Ann at 4 months

Then we have Miss Jenny Paige at 4 months

And last but not least Miss Audrey Jane

Thought this quote was cute but we have no idea if this will be true for all or any of them.
Only time will tell!
Yuppo, we bonafide awesome
sister quotes - Bing Images

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