Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mom is Out of Town

This is Lynn's daughter, Lauren again. She is on a trip to California to speak at a conference, so she left me to fend for myself with the two boys at home. And by boys I mean two adults who sometimes forget they are adults. But anyway while she is gone she asked me to write her blog for her, and since I missed it last night I better make up for it before she notices. Before she left she tried to bribe me into writing her blog, "How about I pay you?" "Okay, so what will be?" "How about 5 dollars?" I kinda shrugged waiting for a higher price. "How about 10 dollars?" I waited a little longer. "How about 2 pumpkins?""What!?" "No pumpkins?". We cracked up about that for about 10 minutes. Its kinda sad sometimes what we get a kick out of. But if you think about it, it's the little things that make everything worth while. I watched my little nieces the other day, Jenny and Audrey, and I took pictures while we went on a walk. Jenny insisted on wearing her bird wings and she romped around in the grass for nearly 15 minutes while I took pictures of her sister. She finally ran up to me and showed me a stick which she creatively named the 'hopper-whacker', then she proceeded to chase grasshoppers for another 5 minutes. Something so little as a stick kept her entertained her for roughly an hour total, while her little sister tried to eat grass. Just watching those two made me think about how we lose that sense excitement over simple things. My mom always said even as I got older I still retained some of that excitement, which I assume is a compliment ;). Just remember that the littlest thing to you could mean the world to someone else. Let's take time to notice the small things that make us happy. Goodnight

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