Monday, October 7, 2013

2 Day Sleep Over with Miss Jenny!

I am sorry it has been so long since I have written. There have been a few things on my heart that are really heavy right now, and I myself was struggling to find something positive to think, much less write about. Then after the weekend, I feel renewed strength and hope. I know that everything happens for a reason and I am trying hard to look at the glass ...half full!
Another thing that kept me busy and that was a good thing, was Miss Jenny came to do a 2 Day sleep over at Nana's. That is a big deal for her, she is used to doing Sleep Over's with her sister but gets a bit homesick when she is just by herself. But she did a great job and we had tons of fun, so much that I didn't write you probably noticed!
The first night we went to a Harvest Carnival at the church.
Jenny: We are going to the carnivore!
 Lauren: Jenny its a carnival
Jenny: I know!

She and Audrey went with us, while Angie was at a B-day party and Mom and Dad got to go out on a DATE. Audrey liked all the kids that were running around at the Carnival and Jenny and Poppa went to every booth to play....bowling, bean bag toss, cupcake walk, face painting ( I was painting the cute little faces, with another friend ), donut contest, balloon making with the clown, bobbing for apples. Yes, she was worn out when we got home but, I think the sugar was still in her because she was talking 90 miles an hour to everyone when she got back about the carnival.
We also picked the pumpkin out of our little pumpkin patch in the back yard (we only had 3 )!
Saturday afternoon we went to Yakama Fruit Market and checked out all the fall decorations and pumpkins...I believe Jenny is as excited about Fall as her Aunt Lauren is!
We found tiny pumpkins and one of the biggest one's she has ever seen. We also crocheted together, she is learning how to crochet with her fingers, she did a great job. I love passing on those traditions of talents like sewing and crocheting with the next generation! My Grandma Johnny would be proud of us! The only problem is she loves scissors, so many projects got cut short ...literally... with Miss Scissor Happy. She said more one liners than I can even remember. She is funny, mischievous, a bundle of energy, unpredictable and sweet, we loved spending time with our Jenny girl!

Inline image 1"Look Poppa, I am crocheting!"

"Fall is in the air...can't you just feel it?"

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