Thursday, October 17, 2013

Getting Nervous, Getting Ready and Getting Excited!

For over 30 years I have been doing Motivational Speaking. I absolutely love it!  I love meeting such incredible people and hearing about their stories, cause everyone has a STORY! It does my heart good when someone comes up and says that something I said help them in any way. I hope and pray that is what happens.
So tomorrow I am flying to California to speak at a Women's Conference, I actually spoke there last year and they wanted me to come back; that is always a good sign :) But as usual I am so nervous and getting excited at the same time. I guess Heavenly Father never wants me to take what I do for granted. It humbles me, every time I go and speak. I know when I get up to speak IF I have adequately prepared and prayed a lot about it, that all will work out. But the time before I get up there and a couple days before, I can hardly concentrate on anything else except my speech. Isn't that funny, you would think with all that stress that I wouldn't like doing it but it is just the opposite, I really do love it!
So for tonight I will share some of my favorite Happy Thoughts and then get back to my speech.
Thanks for your friendship, that has made my life all the sweeter, good night dear friends!
Think happy thoughts quotes positive quotes quote positive positive quote quotes and sayings image quotes picture quotesThink happy thoughts ♥ #quote #life #thoughts #happiness #positiveHappy's better to be the bigger person then to step down to ones level! Need to remember my age and theirs!


Vaibhav Mule said...
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Vaibhav Mule said...

Dear Lynn,

I always like your post and you write well. I love the way you share you life experience and quotes.

Keep Writing :)

Vaibhav Mule
Founder of GrewLife