Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My sweet little boy!

Since the girls were little I have had the opportunity to be close to them, since almost their birth. I have always felt bad that we only get to see our one and only grandson a couple times a year. I think of all the things my granddaughters and I have shared and have wished so hard that Kai and I could have the same experiences. On Friday night this little sweet guy came to his Nana and Poppa's, and we have had already got to have some of those fun experiences with him.

Tonight, I got to snuggle with him and read some books before he went to bed, I couldn't hardly believe that I was really holding my boy. Oh how much I love him. I pray throughout his life that he grows up and remembers that his Nana and Poppa love him and will always be here for him. Yes, we have been richly blessed these past few days.
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