Sunday, July 14, 2013


This morning I got up early to drive to my brother's house (about an hour away). I went to see and hear his oldest son, speak at church. He has just been called to serve a full time mission for our church to Japan. I was so impressed with his talk. He has grown into an amazing young man. I was so grateful that I had the chance to come and tell him goodbye, and to tell him one more time how proud I am of him. I loved also spending time with his brother and sisters also. This nephew and his oldest sister were only 5 and 3 years old when my Mom ( their Grandmother )  passed away. I have always felt like I needed to try and fill that void for them and so...I have tried to be the BEST AUNT LYNN . ever! I am crazy about them. I always have a hard time saying good bye to them. But I have an incredible amount of gratitude for this next generation, they are quite impressive!
When we got back, we then went over to Shirley's kids house to celebrate her Birthday and my Birthday. It was so much fun to spend it with them and now their little kids. As an Aunt, I have been truly blessed to have the love and association with so many great kids.
I miss my grandchildren, but in many ways feel like these little ones are my grandkids too! So tonight I just feel a lot of Gratitude for my family here and that I have the opportunity to visit them often.
Need to head to bed, so good night dear friends!
P.S. I also made a new friend today...that makes me happy! To meet and become friends with this new person in my life, just makes me feel even more grateful! Yes, I am blessed!

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