Monday, July 8, 2013

Demand More From Ourselves

A friend of mine posted this quote the other day, and I had to share it. We are so much more powerful and strong than we think. Sometimes, in life, it is so easy to just be content with our lives how they are and get to the point that we aren't progressing. Yes, life is good, but couldn't it be so much better? Couldn't pushing ourselves and branching out make life extraordinary?
I think so often we are governed by fear, fear to leave our comfort zone, fear of the unknown. I like how the quote says that not pushing ourselves and not struggling and suffering is a "numb existence" when instead we could be taking an "extraordinary trip." This is a concept that I have tried to live my life by, and am now even more motivated to continue pushing myself and exploring the awesome path that is just waiting for me.
 No one ever accomplished all of their dreams by playing it safe, and no one who has accomplished all of their dreams got there without some pain and roadblocks. We just have to "demand more from ourselves" and take the first step to live life truly to the fullest.

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