Friday, March 8, 2013

Creating all day!

“Forever – is composed of Nows.” – Emily Dickinson – On Southwest image by Florence McGinn -- Explore tips and quotes on writing inspiration at Today the girls and I made Easter Purses, and then while they played outside, Amy and I sewed the top for Audrey's quilt. I love the fabric that Amy is really beautiful and that was before even started cutting and designing it! I can't wait to hold that little Audrey some day. Wonder if she will have RED hair to? :)
It was fun to have the sunshine out all day and knowing that Spring is right around the corner! 
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Since we had the girls tonight, so that their Mom and Dad could have a Date Night, we decided to head to Port Townsend tomorrow and do a Date Day! I can't wait, I feel blessed to have this time to be with Jeff!
Hope you had a wonderful day! Good night dear friends

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