Saturday, March 24, 2012

Your Happily Ever After

I was recently asked to speak at our church to the women. My topic was YOUR HAPPILY EVER was an amazing night, not because I spoke... but because of all the wonderful women that were there, the great food and the beautiful decorations. We spoke of 6 Princesses and talked all about their issues. We all know about their happy endings but I felt like it was important to talk about the things they struggled in their lives. So tonight I will talk about 3 of them and then tomorrow night I will talk about the other three Princess.
First was...
The Little Mermaid actually this movie came out when I was pregnant with Lee and very sick, so Lauren and I watched it over and over. To this day, the soundtrack of it, still makes me quezy! J
 Anyway let’s look at Ariel’s issues ...
Ariel was not satisfied with what she had, hmmm have we ever felt like that ourselves? Why does that grass always seem greener on the other side?  .

"It isn’t the spot of ground we’re planted in that matters; it is how we respond to the Lord’s nourishing. The poorest of the poor spots of ground can bring forth some of the sweetest fruits. We must believe this or else we will allow our circumstances and environment to determine our lives and the quality of our souls."  ~S. Michael Wilcox

 Next there is Sleeping Beauty
Now Aurora’s issues were that she doubted herself. Now you all know the story when she was born she was blessed with different gifts such as beauty and the ability to sing. But she also cursed that when she turned 16 she would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. Yet there was one gift left to be given and it was the gift of when she did prick her finger she wouldn’t die but only fall into a deep sleep and could only be awakened by true loves kiss. When the time came for her 16th birthday, the witch that tempted her to touch the spindle, she then heard the good fairies voice telling her not to, and she pulled her hand back but when the witch commanded her again, she went ahead and did it.
I think from Aurora we can learn to truly believe in ourselves and not just follow the crowd or voices of the world. You have to chose what is right for you, you have to tune out all the voices in the world that tell you something different than what you know to be true.
I believe that it is important for us to constantly being doing SELF Checks on ourselves, totally remembering the quote “We don’t see things as they are but as we are.”
 I realize that we have to be patient with ourselves…when we go down a road we have never been before, it may be harder than we think to regroup and feel like our old selves again. Try hard not to take offense when you are in this state of mine.
We all will have what I call Bigger Than Me Days, just keep doing self checks and continue to look at the road you are on and try to see where it is leading you. 

 Beauty and the Beast  I have to admit, this one is one of my favorites. Probably because I think it would be wonderful to have some big strapping Beast watching over and taking care of me and just that he would have the ability to pick me up and carry somewhere… oh wouldn’t that be great … any way J lets go on to Belle’s problems. 
So Belle’s issues were tough, because she didn’t really fit in. No one liked her because she was smart and pretty Still I think she had her head on straight. She knew what she wanted, and she was educated and she liked who she was.
What I think I learned from Belle, is all of us will have times in our lives that we will fit like we don't fit in. I especially struggled with this after my mastectomy. But time does heal things and I just have to remember this quote alot... 
"Oh, my friend, it's not what they take away from you that counts - it's what you do with what you have left."  ~Hubert Humphrey

"3 choices in life:
give up, give in, or give it you all.

I know this was long but hopeful you enjoyed it! Good night dear friends!

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Cristina said...

What an inspiring night it was! Thank you Lynn!