Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Virtual Reality, is it harmful or not?

I am always one of the last people on the block to have some of the latest and greatest technology. I am sure part of that is just my age, I really never thought I would ever even have my own laptop and be able to do half the things I do now ( and I am still way behind on most of them ). Still I realize what little bit I am on here, is sometimes not the best use of my time.
I read this article the other day on Virtual Reality and the actual risks that come with being connected all the time. It was about our relationships in our marriages that could be at risk, if we don't heed the warning signs. It really hit me hard on how easy it would be to slip into some of these dangerous places. Here are some questions we might ask ourselves...just to keep in check...

1. Are you withdrawing from your spouse?
Maintaining a healthy marriage takes effort, if either spouse stops taking care of the marriage, it is in danger.
2. Are you hiding communications with your friend from your spouse?If you feel you need to keep the relationship a secret, it's inappropriate.
3. Are you preoccupied with and daydream about your friend?Even if you don't have a physical relationship with your online friend, your thoughts can reveal that the relationship is inappropriate. The way we spend our mental energy is an indicator of our true focus.
4. Are you sharing your thoughts, feelings, and problems with your online friend instead of your spouse?
Such emotional relationships damage marriages and families. Ask yourself this question too. Would my spouse be pleased if he or she knew I was doing this?
5. Does your online friend seem to understand you better than your spouse does? Do you find yourself anticipating when you can communicate or be with your online friend again?For some, they have become so dependent on the way they feel and represent themselves online that it has become the highlight of their day. As exciting and promising as a new relationship may seem, its true destructive nature is inevitably revealed in time.
6. Are you not interested in being close to your spouse, emotionally or physically?
Emotional closeness is as important to a marriage as physical intimacy. When a person loses interest in being close to a spouse--emotionally or physically--that person my make the mistake of looking elsewhere for that closeness.
7. When confronted about having feelings toward someone other than your spouse, do you justify your actions to yourself and others?
Husbands and wives do have positive relationships with members of the opposite sex. Friendships are important at all stages of life. However, this fact is often used to rationalize inappropriate behavior. It is hard to love your spouse with all your heart if you have these types of feelings for someone else and result can be heartbreaking and a feeling of betrayal to your spouse.
8. Will you be willing to end the improper relationship?
Your marriage is worth ending this no matter how awkward or difficult it might be. Develop a pattern of happiness that is not dependent on others. Recognize that secret actions have consequences. Is it worth the pain it can cause your spouse and the rest of your family?

If you want to read the whole article you can find it here

"No person will ever be totally free who is living a lie... We should ever bear in mind that a wrong isn't right just because many people do it.  A wrong deed isn't right just because it hasn't become visible."   ~ Marvin J. Ashton

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