Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fighting the Battle at such a young age!

Just recently I heard that a dear friend of mine's grandson, was battling cancer... and he is only 3  years old. I was saddened to hear his story, and yet as I have read each days account of the blog they are keeping for him, I am amazed at this little guys courage and the incredible love that his family has for him. It is hard for me to read, I can still remember my last battle with Cancer, it has almost been 3 years ago in Oct that I was diagnosed. What a battle that was and yet...I can't even imagine how much harder it would have been had it been my child or grandchild!

July 18th 2011 After complaining of a tummy ache and possible appendicitis, Porter has been diagnosed with a tumor on his right kidney; Wilm's Tumor. Children's Hospital bound.

August 1st 2011 ...There are two blocks in Porters intestines. One in the small and one at the junction of the small and large. They are scheduled for surgery as the doctors do not want to wait another two days for GI results. We are praying that Porter gets some relief and his vomiting and discomfort subsides.
Thank you for all the prayers - Keep 'em coming!!!

Saturday, Aug 20, 2011 ... Porter went in for Emergency surgery due to internal bleeding. After 3 blood transfusions, by machine and nurses (by hand) pumping blood in him for over 2 hours, he was transported to ICU. The pressure of the cantaloupe sized tumor pressing on Porters lungs, making it hard to breath (changing his oxygen level usage from 1 liter to 5 liters) in one day.
During surgery doctors found the tumor had ruptured for a second time. This has doctors completely speechless, non of them have seen this before. A team of doctors have worked with Rob and Marissa, keeping us all in the loop - and all feel very confident that if this tumor could be taken out or stop its growth, Porter's outcome is very favorable! The question now!
Porters blood is not clotting, so doctors gave him 'Factor VII'. After two hours, their "best case scenario" happened. His blood began to clot at a normal rate.
Doctors then did an Intravenous Radiation procedure, through his Femoral artery. The dye showed the areas of internal bleeding and also showed that the clotting agent was doing its job. While inside, they inserted a biological agent to stop the main blood supply to the right kidney (to keep it from continuing to 'feed' the tumor). Porter did very well during these procedures given all that he has been through.
Now Doctors are trying to decided when to resect (cut away/out) the tumor and kidney.

August 29th 2011... Surgery began at 1:20pm and by 3:42pm the doctors were calling Rob & Marissa that the tumor and kidney had been removed.  Amazing!  Then later, a part of the team of surgeons greeted us with full on smiles, giving us hugs. As they left, our entire family broke out in a round of applause. This journey that we have traveled since July 19th has been a roller coaster of emotions. We are all exhausted both physically and mentally, so it's hard to come up with more words to say how much we all appreciate the support, thoughts and prayers that have been placed before us. Each day we are blessed with just that much more.  Still a long road ahead, but the road seems so much smoother. 
Love to all!

Now the reason for my sharing this story with you, is so that if you feel so inclined that you will donate whatever you can for the medical bills this family will have to face. That will be no small thing. I know with both times I had Cancer, we paid the bills for over a couple of years. So since these are friends of mine, and this touches me so close, I thought I would at least put out the offer. I asked my dear friend ( Porter's Grandmother ) if I could share his sweet story and this information, here was her reply...

"Good morning, Lynn. That would be awesome if you would like to share Porter's story. He is one tough little guy! There is an account set up for him at BECU #3587914538 or just mention his name Porter Price and they will take care of the rest. "

Now little Porter has been fighting this battle since July. He has already had multiple surgeries and complications along the way. He has a long road ahead of him, but the future looks promising. Please realize that your faith and prayers in his behalf ...are worth more than any donation, so please say a prayer tonight for Porter and his family!

"The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart."  ~Nikolai Lenin

"Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death."  ~Author Unknown

"The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it."  ~C.C. Scott

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