Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today my family and got to go to BYU Museum of Art, and see the Carl Bloch Exhibit.

It was an amazing exhibit, I guess as an artist myself, I really appreciate the detail and the talent that this man had. As I looked at some of these painting, I almost felt like I was there...now that is a real talent for someone to make you feel like that. Here are some other comments that have been made of his paintings, plus facts about his life. If you have a moment, go to the web-site and check out his life's work. It is really worth it!

Carl Heinrich Bloch

Born in 1834 in Copenhagan, Denmark.
At 15, admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.
At 25, received a travel scholarship to Rome, where he painted his first masterpiece --THE LIBERATION OF PROMETHEUS.
At 31, commissioned to create 23 paintings for the King's Oratory chapel at Frederiksborg Castle, which took him 14 years to complete.
At 34, married Alma Trepka while in Rome. The happy and prosperous couple had eight children.
Commissioned to paint eight large-scale altarpieces.
Died in 1890 leaving behind more than 250 paintings and 75 etchings.

The Sermon on the Mount - Carl Heinrich Bloch - www.carlbloch.org

"Bloch's works illuminate the life and mission of the Savior with extraordinary power and insight. "  "His paintings affirm Christ's mission of salvation."  ~ Campbell Gray

"When I see a Carl Bloch painting, I feel...the spirit of Jesus and His ministry comes alive. I want to follow ( His example), and , as a result, the depiction becomes a vibrant lesson of life."   ~ Thomas S. Monson

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