Saturday, April 9, 2011


One of my favorite authors is Jason Wright. He wrote the Christmas Jar, that is the first book of his that I read. I have talked about his books before, but one of the reason I like his books is ...because they make me think and examine my life more. I always feel uplifted after reading his works, that is saying a lot ...because not all books make you feel that way. One of his new books that I haven't read is The Cross Gardener. Here is his own summary of that book. I need to read it!

The Cross Gardener is the story of John, a man tested with a series of enormous heartbreaks. But the most dramatic and traumatic moment of John's life may be the one he finally cannot bear. Facing sudden loss, John is swallowed up in sorrow and self-pity.

Following in the tradition of many in the South, John erects two white wooden crosses at the accident site that forever changed his world. John chooses to grieve by visiting the crosses frequently, talking to his loved ones and reminiscing about a future that — like a misplaced roll of old black-and-white film — will never develop.

One day while visiting this roadside memorial, John meets a stranger who introduces himself as the Cross Gardener, a nickname given him by others because of his curiosity for these makeshift memorials and because his hobby is tending them.

The stranger explains that when crosses need painting, he is there. When weeds need pulling, he is there. When mourners need comfort, he is there with a willing ear and a lesson or two about life and death. But he is not who you think he is.

He also has a weekly article that he writes and this is where I got this summary. He is quiet a talented writer, I could only hope to inspire people like that some day. If you get a chance, check out one of his books and see if you feel the same!

Good Night dear friends!

"To live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die."  ~Thomas Campbell

"For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity." ~William Penn

"While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil."   ~John Taylor

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