Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Enjoying Life!

My daughter Lauren called the other day (while in Utah visiting her cousin) and said that she and her cousin and some kids, were all going to go Rock Climbing, she was excited. I asked her to be careful before we hung up. Of course I assumed they were going some place indoors like REI, to do their rock climbing. I smiled when I thought of how much all of my kids, really enjoys life. If some of my friends would have asked me when I was 19 to go Rock Climbing, I would have thought they were crazy! But you can imagine the shock I had, when Lauren called later that night, to tell me that they decided to go Repelling instead up in the mountains of Utah.   (Just a side note, they were never planning to rock climb in doors anyway, silly me! ) I have to admit, I am glad that I didn't know that Lauren was going to go Repelling cliffs that day ( or any day ). I was even more shocked, when she put these pictures up later for us to see. Where did I get this dare devil from? Actually most of my kids, have done or want to do, a million different things that I have not done.

I look at this photo and I am a bit envious that I haven't tried some things in life... that I let worry, doubt and fear get in the way. Maybe that is just not who I am? I do realize however, that I need to remember to try and do things that I have always wanted to do each day ( even if they are not considered exciting or daring ).

I will be turning 51 years old this weekend. I don't really have a list of exciting things I have done in my life but I do try to enjoy each day. After surviving cancer twice, I realize that no one knows how much time they have on this earth.  I feel a real urgency to stop wasting time worrying about things I can not control.  I need to have a little more courage, to do some things. No, not repelling off cliffs, but just doing the things I love to do and being with the ones that I love. That is what enjoying life means to me! So thanks Lauren (and to all of the rest of my kids), for reminding me to not take life so serious ...and to truly enjoy EVERY MOMENT!!!

"No yesterdays are ever wasted for those who give themselves to today."  ~Brendan Francis

"Nothing is worth more than this day."  ~Johann Wolf

"Forever is composed of nows."  ~Emily Dickinson

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