Monday, April 26, 2010


When I was a little girl I had some pretty big fears. I just couldn't seem to get control over them. Now having counseled with many abuse victims over the past 25 years, I know that I wasn't the only one. Even those of you, who had normal, happy and safe childhoods, might have had some fears now and then. One thing that has probably been one of the biggest thing many people fear... is Cancer. Now if you think we as adults are the only ones to get scared, we are wrong. When I first got diagnosed with Cancer many years ago, my kids were young and the fear that I felt, transferred over to them. That is exactly why we came up with the word RECNAC instead of CANCER. RECNAC as many of you know is Cancer spelled backwards. Isn't that silly ? You beat it is, but it sure sounds a whole lot better when you have to talk about that scary disease so often. We all could handle seeing MOM'S RECNAC APPOINTMENT AT 9:00 am with Dr. Johnson on the calendar. Also the kids found out quickly if they told any of their friends that I had cancer, then the friends ( well meaning ) would promptly tell them about their Aunt or Grandpa that died of Cancer. To this day ( I am proud to say ) we don't know of any one that has died from RECNAC. :)

Now don't get me wrong. My kids understood the facts about Cancer... but we simply needed to find a way to take the power back from the C word. Recnac (cancer) is a family disease, I don't mean by genes, but because of the effects it has on every person in the family. It was vital for me as a mom to keep a close eye on each child to see how they were holding up, I spoke to counselors, teachers and family members for help and support. Yes, RECNAC ( cancer was a family disease ). It doesn't matter how old your children are either, everyone gets scared!

Since my second bout with Cancer, I have started developing gifts for cancer patients that I hoped would help and make a difference in their healing. As I dreaded going to radiation every day, I wondered how in the world a mom would feel, if it was her child that had the cancer and had to go to radiation each day? Many people say that the  treatments are worse than the disease. So with that in mind I have ( along with a dear friend of mine ) developed some RECNAC GIFTS. Each one is designed to help and comfort the patient in some way . I just want to try and reach as many patients as I can and help them have some hope and comfort during their journey with cancer.

With that in mind, I have designed ( always with the help of my dear friend and family ) yet another RECNAC GIFT. We have developed the ONCE UPON A TIME MONSTERS, each monster comes with a name and the poem below. We are still working on coming up with a  different one for Cancer patients or cancer patient's children. 

Once upon a time there was a monster under my bed.
So I shivered and screamed and pulled the covers over my head.
All of a sudden, that monster came out--and do you know what he said?
"can I be your friend and sleep with you instead?"
Congratulations! You've just adopted a ONCE UPON A TIME MONSTER!
Now you'll always have a friend to help you be brave and you'll never be alone again!

Here is a photo of my granddaughter Angie playing with some of the monsters. She doesn't quite understand why she can't have every monster that Nana creates!  I will let you know when we get them on line and are up for adoption.  What better way to keep those fears away ...than your own personal monsters?  Monsters aren't scared of anything!

Until then, I am going to go get me a monster... and go to bed!

Angie and her monsters


A pastor asked a little boy if he said his prayers every night.
'Yes, sir.' the boy replied.
'And, do you always say them in the morning, too?' the pastor asked.
'No sir,' the boy replied. 'I ain't scared in the daytime.'

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