Monday, April 11, 2016

I found my peeps, and I don't mean the candy ones!

Today I went swimming all alone. My swimming buddy was busy, so I had to just MAKE myself go back to the pool this morning. After dropping off my car to be fixed... after being hit in a parking lot while I was shopping. And no, they didn't admit that or leave us a number or insurance we had to pay the deductable ourselves in order to get it fixed. :( Oh how I wish I would have been hit by someone HONEST!
Anyway I finally did get to the pool and even though I wasn't looking forward to being by myself but I was pleasantly surprised to meet some incredible ladies. They were doing their own exercises, but after we got out we were able to talk in the shower room. I found my peeps! Women who have lived a lot of life and have such an amazing attitude about LIFE!
Remember last week, I was worried about going swimming again and feeling bad about my body and having had a Mastectomy and all?
 The first lady that I met was a 4 time Cancer survior, she was 78 years old  and she was such a happy and grateful lady and she was swimming without any prosthetics... so she made me feel silly for worrying about just one prosthetic! Then another lady I met told me all about her exercise routine and then she shared with me all that she has been through. Knee replacements, shoulder surgery, 2 new hips and she contintues to keep coming back to swimming because in her words " You just have to keep going". The 3rd lady I met was 91 years old and she totally didn't look like it. She said that she was grateful to be able to come swimming 3 times a week, and was proud that she still could stay in her own home, take care of it by herself and also her yard. As I listened at all the stuff she does... I realized that she does way more than I ever do! She was happy and told me all about her family, children and grandchildren. She laughed and smiled alot!
So I guess this quote that my Grandmother always said to me "If everyone's problems were hung out on a line, you'd take yours and I'd take mine"... is so true! After listening to these amazing ladies, I realized that I have much to be grateful for!
I was able to do 18 laps today, ( don't get too excited ) I did some in Aqua jogging, kick board and crawl strokes...but it was a 1/2 mile. Still it felt good and I am glad I am finally back in the water.
Good night dear friends!

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