Thursday, February 25, 2016

LynnMade Open House, come on in!

Yesterday was our Open House for my LynnMade Studio. It turned out to be a beautiful day and evening and I was so thankful for that, especially after all the rain we have had lately.

My sweet young friend Felicity came to help, she was the perfect Hostess!

Here is the logo that the kids worked on, hard to believe to see it in print!

Amy and Audrey came over to help. My dear friend Chris came too of course! She and Audrey made the Ginger Snap cookies together. 

They had a great time and of course, everyone loved them...and I especially loved how it made the house smell.

They had a great time and of course, everyone loved them...and I especially loved how it made the house smell.

Audrey and Aunt Chris baking together. Chris made the aprons for the girls!

It was so busy that I forgot to take photsos of all my dear friends that came by!

We had a great turnout, and I recieved some beautiful gifts and flowers as well wishes on my new adventure!  So grateful to have soooo many people who believe in me!!!

Here is the LynnMade Studio, finally finished! Thanks for everyone who helped me make this possible!

I feel blessed to have such a wonderful space to create our online classes in!

This cute gift, I had to convince Audrey that it was mine and not hers! :)

 I wanted to have the Open House in January but we ended up going to see our grandchilden! So I decided that if I could everything pulled together then we could have it in February, while I still had my Valentine stuff up...because I love all the Red and Pink!

After showing everyone my Studio then I took them down and showed them my Sewing Room, where all the mess and creativity really happens!
Thought I had better take a photo of it! It is rare to 
see it this clean! :)
I love this space too, can hardly wait to get down here every day and start creating!

I know everyone couldn't make it to the Open House, hope that you enjoyed your own private tour!
Thanks again for your support and encouragement.


 Good Night dear friends!

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us said...

Suanne and I sure enjoyed seeing your studio and sewing room at the open house. And the cookies were AMAZING! I allowed myself one, but was sure tempted to run off with the entire platter as I left your place. (recipe please?)

I can hardly wait for your channel to get up and running.

You have a gift for inspiring others.