Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A bit better today!

Well, I still just don't feel very good but... I am a bit better than yesterday so...I am trying to keep everything in perspective. Always amazed at how TIME slows down when you are in such terrible pain. I thought Sunday and Sunday Night would last forever! Then the 2 hours in the ER waiting room with hurting so bad with Kidney Stones, I thought I would never get help! I'm not a screamer or yeller but oh I absolutely couldn't sit still the pain in my back and the nausea was soooo bad. Once they finally got the pain medicine the right dosage then I started getting some relief!

 My family always teases me that every where I go...I make new friends! I had to laugh today because after I finally drug myself to the store, as I was checking out I was talking to the cashier and the man who was bagging my groceries. They all know me there and they knew that I hadn't been in for a few days ( that's how often I go ). As I told them that I had been sick with Kidney Stones, we then talked about everyone they knew who had had kidney stones. As I left they told me that they hoped I felt better. When I got to the car the cashier came running out with a bouquet of flowers and said " we sure hope you start feeling good and come back soon!" 
Yes, life is hard but it makes it sooooo much better when you have wonderful friends!

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