Saturday, February 27, 2016

A day with Audrey!

Today I got to spend the day with Miss Audrey! Gratefully it was beautiful outside and so we were able to go to the park too!
Of course she made a friend, I love how kids just natuarally gravitate to each judgements...just do you want to play?

 Let's play store!

Driving their imaginary car.

 She was climbing everything, hard to keep up with  her.

We really had a great time!

She loves to help me water my flowers and sometimes she tries to help me dead head them, but usually she picks the buds and says " that ones dead Nana", I have to just smile and say " well, it is now, why don't you just let Nana pick the dead flowers"

 Stopped at a friend's house who has the best toys ever! A ball pit in their living room. Audrey was in Heaven!

Trying on accessories at Target!

 But Nana, I need more bracelets! Had to remind her that we are just looking at all these neat things at Target!

We both needed a bandaide, so we got Frozen Bandaids ...she said it was the best! It sure made my owie feel better!
Plus, she got her hand stamped at the Post Office, just to prove we were there...I guess?
On the way back we got the car washed. Audrey had never been in a car wash before, think it scared her some!
When we got home, her Mom surprised her with an Elsa dress that she got at the Consignment shop. She loved it. Funny, because she was trying to get me to buy her one in Target.

She loves being a Princess! She wants to have a Frozen Party when she turns 3, in a couple of months!
It was a fun day, not very often do she and I get to go out together by ourselves. I should have taken photos of us together! Oh well..I will next time, when I get a day with Princess Audrey!

Saw this cute sign, not sure about super power... but I sure feel like a million bucks, when I get to spend time with any of my Grandkids!

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