Monday, November 30, 2015


It has been awhile since I have really written from my heart, why? Well, to be completely honest with you...I am struggling. I had always heard about when women went through Menapause and how tough it could be. I remember well, how hard it was on my own Mom. I was determined to live a different life from my Mom, so that my results would be different. I can almost feel my Mom on the other side...smiling right now :)
. Hormones are Hormones, Life is Life and Stages in life are normal, even if we don't really want them. 
I finally got some natural things to get my sleep back, which was a big blessing. Not sleeping for weeks at a time made me a pretty unhappy camper.
Now for the hormone roller coaster, well... I am on it! Poor Jeff, he just looks at me crying and being so sad, and he doesn't quite no what to do with me. He keeps asking me what he can do... and I only wish I knew. He has been so kind and so patient, I really shouldn't complain at all. 
I remember right after being diagnosed with cancer for the 1st time, the oncologist explaing to be the side effects of some of the medicine he thought I should start taking! There were so many of them, I asked him "well, then what do you do for the big side effect of "Depression that you mentioned?" His response was " well, we can give you another medicine for that!"
I know this is all part of the menapause but I have to admit, it has been really scary at times. I am usually a very, very happy and positive person. To feel so down is not a fun place to be.

I know for a big part of my life I have done things more Natural and still I think that is what I would always choose first. So I am on a quest right now...trying to get my hormone balanced, my emotions in check and get some hope and energy back into my life.  I know millions of women have gone through this and LIVED! I just want to be one of them!!!
 To watch my body change ( and not for the better ), and to have my emotions on my sleeve all the time... has been a bigger challenge for me than I ever imagined.
That is one of the reason I haven't been writing, didn't feel like I had much to motivate you about!  This is suppose to be a motivational blog right ?

13 inspirational quotes from dr. wayne dyer 5 I am so sorry I have been absent for awhile. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I want there to be something to learn from in this blog, not just a place to complain!
Lots of changing coming to my body, my mind and my work right now so... I am just going to try and take it one day at a time.
Thank you for your friendship and for your kind words. Even if my life is a bit crazy right now, I could never deny how Blessed I am!
Good Night dear friends!

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