Thursday, December 25, 2014

Missing our family tonight!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring but...3 little girls were certainly stirring, running, jumping and playing all through the house. The stockings were hung...well, there is a story for that too. I was suppose to finish Audrey's stocking this year and then one for our new son-in-law Nik. They are almost finish, so I was waiting to put them all up at once, but as you see that didn't happen. I am hoping I get them done in January 2015!

This morning at 7:15 our youngest son Lee got his 4 Wisdom Teeth out...Merry Christmas to him. He actually slept most of the day and was even mingling with us after dinner, for our little Christmas eve program we did. I am certainly glad that he is doing well, I was so afraid of ruining his Christmas.

Below is a photo of the girls putting all the people and the animals in the Nativity as we read the Christmas Story from the Bible! All Audrey wanted to do was keep pushing the Angel to hear the music and she did chew on a few of the main characters.

So grateful that our newly weds are doing so well. We are going to miss them for the Holidays!
But they are truly enjoying life! Grateful for that.
Brad, Krystal and Kai have family in town for the Holidays!

So glad that they have family there with them, but oh I am missing all of them tonight!
Here they are with their Christmas Jammies on Kai and his dog Keeva!

Gotta get to bed is way past Christmas and I am sure Santa still sees my light on. Better head to bed so he can stop by!
Good  Night dear friends!

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