Monday, December 15, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Well dear friends, this has been a wonderful, busy, a bit crazy, a little sad but non the less, the most wonderful time of the year!
I have still been struggling with my health some and so by the evening some nights, I haven't even had the energy to blog.... I have missed that.
I had my computer get another virus, and so for 5 days that has been down and unable for me to use. I think it get's sick as much as I do:)
We have had a Christmas visitor, a young person who needed to get out of a bad situation and needed a safe environment to be in. So we opened our home to her a week and a half ago. We are all learning from this experience but trying hard to provide a safe and healthy place and yet encourage her to make different choices and take advantage of this opportunity. Lots of late night talks and that is probably a bit of why my health is struggling a bit. Sleep is vital to me and vital to my healing.
My heart is missing my kids this time of the year, I realized as I put up Christmas decorations by myself, that this was the first year that I haven't had Lauren and Lee here to help me with that. I am sure Lee probably isn't missing that a lot, but Lauren has always loved the holiday decorations and I have been missing her enthusiasm and love for the holidays!
The girls came over for the weekend, and we were able to do some wonderful Christmas things. I will update you all on that later.
Still this video that I watched today, reminded me of what Christmas is all about. May we be able to slow down and truly think about that...these upcoming days. 
I have missed you dear friends....thanks for being a part of our lives!

Special collaboration results in largest live nativity in the world!

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You can watch the video HERE:

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