Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Small World!

What a small world this is...tonight we had a young missionary who we met in our home a few months ago. When he came to our home for dinner, I recognized his last name and asked him if his Father ever served a mission. He said yes, then I asked him and then he told me his Dad served in Salt Lake City, Utah ...I couldn't believe it. A great missionary and friend from my mission, this young missionary was his boy! That's amazing!
Now this young missionary has completed his mission and his parents came to pick him up and they got to visit us tonight. It has been over 34 years since I had seen his Dad. But I knew when I first met his son, that he looked like his Dad. Now I got to met his sweet Mom and his Dad again. It was a fun evening and it made me realize how grateful I am for Forever Friends! I hope for years to come, we will be able to keep in touch with them and watch their family continue to grow. What a wonderful night!
Good Night dear friends!

Very sweet.

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