Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Thanksgiving Eve was a very busy day! I first had lunch with 3 dear friends, wasn't sure if I would get to see them for Christmas or not.... so I made sure to get their Christmas presents for them. I have to made me want to start making all my presents early!
 The girls are thrilled to see their Uncle Lee, we only get him for another day but...we are trying to make memories with every minute that we can!

Yesterday Lee and I cranked up the Christmas music and did one of our Thanksgiving Day tradition. We made 10 homemade pies. We set them outside last night, covered only with saran wrap. I normally cover them with boxes or put them in our ice chests to protect them from the animals. I totally forgot to do that last night and look what happened to our wonderful pies...darn squirrels. Had to throw away 3 pies :(
After I got back from lunch, Amy and the girls came over. Audrey loves the boxes that we had in the kitchen.

Just more memories!

Finally dinner with the family at Sushi Land. We were missing John...think he stayed home to put up Christmas Decorations, I think he doing it secretly...because he always teases me about putting up Christmas decoration early and about listening to Christmas music. I think he is seriously as crazy about Christmas as I am!
Now the perfect ending to this night would be if we had Brad, Krystal, Kai, Lauren and Nik flying in to be here with us tomorrow! Oh how we miss them!
Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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