Sunday, October 9, 2011

Once upon a time…

When you are a Mother, you will say these four words over and over again to your little ones as you read them some of the Disney Classics.  I remember well when a friend of ours… bought our family tickets and a plane ride to Disney Land for a week. We were so excited. None of us had ever been there before, and the kids were all old enough to hopefully remember it. I remember it, because I had to do the whole week in a wheelchair, my back was just too bad back then to handle that amount of walking. It was part of the downer of the trip but…at least we had the chance to go and we had a wonderful time.

One thing that happened stuck in my mind and made me laugh today as Lauren and I were reminiscing about it. When we were there, some of Amy and Lauren’s favorite things were to get autographs from some of their favorite characters like…Mickey Mouse, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and so on. The only bad part was that the lines to wait for a autograph was too long and so the kids were anxious to go on and keep riding rides. So like any good Mother would do, I volunteered to wait in line and get the signature for them, while they went with their Dad on yet another ride.

As I sat in my wheelchair in the heat, another Mother was there waiting too. As we began to talk, we laughed that our kids weren’t even here  to get the autograph but still wanted it so bad. We patted ourselves on the back for being really exceptional Mothers! Then we watched as they stopped the line and they closed the line for about 10 minutes. During that time Sleeping Beauty left and when she came back it was obviously the next employee who had the Sleeping Beauty outfit on. She looked a lot like her, but you knew they had made the switch they were different heights. I heard later that they switch them out after so long, so it isn’t too hard and tiring for them. My new friend and I, just laughed when we realized what happened. Then we both got the greatest idea, since the Real Sleeping Beauty ( according to my girls ) had been replaced, we decided WHAT ANY GOOD MOM WOULD DO and we pretended to be the new Sleeping Beauty and we autographed each others papers. Hey would could have been Sleeping Beauty if we would have applied for the job…well maybe we could have. We were pleased, and pretty darn proud of ourselves as Moms, we didn’t have to wait in line any more and we had the precious autograph that are children really wanted!

Years later when we were talking about Disney Land, some how I let it slip out what I did. Amy was much older then and I thought it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, then she replied “ Mom, how could you do that? I even gave that autograph to my teacher, and the whole time  it was a lie?”  At the time, I didn’t quite feel like the ULTIMATE MOM any more, but it did make me laugh and I realized a Mom has got to do, what a Mom has got to do! It is not easy being a Mom you know! It is much harder than it looks. But never forge, that Mom’s stick together…that is our job!

So once upon a time… there was a Mom in a wheelchair, who did what she had to do to survive her trip to Disney Land! Hey, I never said I was perfect but sometimes I have to admit, I have some real good solutions to the problems! Smile 

Good night dear friends….sleep tight!


"You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around - and why his parents will always wave back."                
~William D. Tammelus

The family. We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another's desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together”  ~ Erma Bombeck quotes

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