Saturday, May 14, 2011

Your Life is an Occasion; Rise to it.

The other day I watched an adorable family movie called Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. It tells the tale of finding the magic even when your grown up; finding that spark in you. My favorite part of the film was this section where Mr. Magorium is about to leave and he says one last good by to his assistant Molly Mahoney. 

“When King Lear dies in act 5 do you know what Shakespeare has written? He has written “He Dies”. That’s all. Nothing more. No fan fair, no metaphor, no brilliant final words. The culmination of the most influential work of dramatic literature is, ‘He dies’. It takes, Shakespeare, as genius to come up with “he dies”. And yet every time I read those two words, I find myself overwhelmed with dysphorium. And I know it is only natural to be sad, but not because of the words ‘he dies’, but because of the life we saw prior to the words. I have lived all my five of my acts, Mahoney, and I am not asking for you to be happy that I must go. I am only asking that you turn the page, continue reading, and let the next story begin. And if anyone ever asks what became of me, you relate my life and all its wonder and end it with a simple, and modest, ‘he died’.”

He gives her a hug and his parting words are, “Your life is an occasion; rise to it.”

I thought it was incredibly profound. This life is short, but we can make it worth every minute. Push aside fears and doubts and create our own new story. As we turn the pages in life we can find new adventures and experiences to enhance our lives.


"Life's journey is not to arrive safely at the grave in a well preserved body. But rather skid in sideways totally worn out, shouting: 'WOO-HOO! What a ride!'" ~Unknown

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