Thursday, May 5, 2011


   A dear friend of mine today, told me that her Mother-in-law just passed away. She explained how hard this whole thing has been on her husband ( 1 of 6 children ). She mentioned that although the Mom was really sick, she didn't pass away until all of her children got there and told her good bye. I remember those last days and months with my Mother, those were very hard. I pray my dear friend and her family will find peace. 
   I remember talking to Hospice worker who had been with Hospice for many years. She helped us in our journey of telling my Mom good bye. She said that Mothers are the hardest ones to die. They want to know that all their kids are ok and will be ok, before she leaves this earth. Yes, Mother's still mother... till the very end.

   I can still remember the first time I heard someone refer to me as an orphan, now that both of my parents had passed away. It struck me sorta hard, although it is actually's a hard thing to hear. Sometimes I feel too young to be an orphan. There have been many times when I wondered what my Mom would have said, or what advice she would have given me, if I could still talk to her. I wish there was a SPECIAL PHONE... for calls to HEAVEN, oh I realize it would be an expensive call, but you would only use it for emergencies. :) Of course when it comes to a girl needing to talk to her Mom, there could be an emergency ever day!

Old White Phone

   But if you really think about it, wouldn't it be great? I would love to talk to my Grandma Johnny and ask her if she ever found Sugar Johnson ( a relative that she could never find in her genealogy search). I would like to talk to my Aunt Ina, we lived with her the first 10 years of my life, she was my protector and best friend. I would ask her how to make her Date Filled Cookies, I have never tasted anything quite like them. I would like to talk to my Grandma Boat. I would ask her what the reunion was like with her Mom and brother? Her brother and Mom both passed away, when she was just a young girl.

   Yes, I know in my heart that those on the other side are much closer than we realize but some times ...I just can't help to want it to be even closer! So even though I am an orphan, I feel like a very young one. Especially when I see so many of my friends with their Mom's and Dad's still alive. I think my heart aches a little bit more when it Mother's Day comes around, maybe that is normal or maybe it's not? But it sure is REAL!

   Good night dear friends!


The sand of time are running low
And soon my children I must go
My heart with love for you is filled
But soon its beating must be stilled
I leave no treasures of any kind
Only my love I leave behind
Take it and share it between sister and brother
And always be kind to one another
Weep not beside the grave for me
Don't bring me flowers I cannot see
Only ashes lie neath the cold sod
Just pray that my soul has gone with God
Some of you perhaps may weep
When my eyes are closed in eternal sleep
But try to remember it won't be forever
For God can bring our spirits together
I pray that I go to a world far above
To be with the others that I love
And to wait awhile on that Heavenly plain
Until the day we shall meet again.
(The poem was written by Florence McInnes for her children)

"Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you
Until we meet again!"
-- Author Unknown

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